Weather Channel Warns Tornadoes Are More Dangerous At Night When You Can’t Fucking See Them



ATLANTA – (CT&P) – The Weather Channel is warning its viewers that after the sun goes down it gets dark and that makes severe storms, especially tornadoes, much more dangerous because you can’t see them coming. The warning came as a tornado outbreak began early this afternoon in portions of the south and mid-west.

Weather Channel severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes took pains to explain to viewers that as afternoon draws on, the sun sinks lower and lower on the horizon and eventually sets, which results in it getting dark, making it much more difficult to see anything, even a hand in front of your face.

Dr. Forbes said that in the dark people have trouble seeing things approaching them, even things that sound like a fucking freight train plowing straight through their homes.

Dr. Forbes said that this can be problematic if one lives in a trailer, flimsy prefab housing, a tent, or a cardboard box. He warned that anyone living under such conditions should find a neighbor who is not voting for Trump as it will be more likely that they will have a solidly built home better able to sustain high winds and hail without threat to life and limb.

During the broadcast Dr. Forbes managed to break a world record by mentioning the term “debris ball” over a dozen times in one sentence.

Weather Channel experts said that when the sun comes up again in the morning most people will be able to see again and the threat of being swept up into a funnel cloud never to be seen again will decrease.