‘Open Carry’ Sequel To Be Published In Time For Christmas


THE CABIN ANTHRAX, MURPHY, N.C. (CT&P) – The much-anticipated sequel to the literary classic My Parents Open Carry will be on bookshelves and available on Amazon in time for Christmas, said a spokesperson from Right Wing Kook Publications, Ltd., of Toxic Springs, Texas.

The sequel, My Parents Open Carry Vials of Militarized Anthrax Powder and Other Biological Weapons is expected to outsell the original Open Carry masterpiece, now that cretins all over the country are aware of the need to explain to their children just how demented Mommy and Daddy are.


The success of the Arabic translation of ‘My Parents Open Carry’ has prompted the publishers to release a sequel in the Middle East titled ‘My Parents Open Carry Suicide Vests’

The Open Carry series is designed to help kids explain the nutty behavior of their parents to other kids in their age group,” said Ethyl “The Frog” LeCarre, an editor at Right Wing Kook. “Kids have always been embarrassed by their parent’s actions even in normal times, but in the desperate times in which we now live, we have to go out of our way to explain to them why their parents are acting like complete fools.”

“The Obama/U.N. conspiracy to take away our guns, the immigration disaster, Obamacare, the war on Christmas, the worldwide communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all our bodily fluids; all these crises make it necessary for kids to be told at an early age that their insecure and unstable parents might act in a way that could be interpreted as criminally insane. They need to be able to defend Mom and Dad’s actions to kids who have more enlightened parents that actually graduated from high school,” said LeCarre.

The authors of the hit Open Carry books, Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew, told reporters that they plan to publish a third in the series titled My Parents Open Carry Tactical Nuclear Weapons sometime this spring.