Trump Losing Support Of Hispanic Unions


NEW YORK – (CT&P) – Donald Trump’s latest comments regarding diseased Mexicans coming over the border and raping our white virgins has caused an exodus of what was left of his Hispanic base.

President Carlos “The Schlong” Fernandez of the Mexican Rapist’s Union told CNN that because of Trump’s insensitive comments the union would reluctantly be withdrawing its support for Trump for the Republican nomination.

“We were willing to ignore the comments Trump made when he announced, because we were counting on all those wonderful jobs he would have created for us building his ridiculous monuments to himself, but this stuff about disease is just too much. All of us Mexican rapists are clean. In fact, we worry about picking up something that won’t wash off every time we rape a young white woman. You guys have some nasty ass stuff floating around up here.”

Juan Castro, vice president of the Hispanic Murderers and Drug Dealers Association also announced that his organization would be pulling support for Trump and putting all its money behind Dr. Ben Carson.


Scientists have repeatedly pointed out that one has a better chance of being devoured by a shark than falling victim to a crime committed by an illegal alien, but one must consider that these are scientists talking. Can we really trust them?

“Anyone who believes in Noah’s Ark and thinks humans walked around with dinosaurs is cool with us,” said Castro. “If we can elect a president that is that stupid, well then, we ought to be able to pillage the United States without fear of retribution. I mean, it’s like Lewis Black says, the guy thinks that the Flintstones is a fucking documentary. What a dumbass!”

Charlotte Mulebutt, president of the non-profit advocacy group Diseased Central American Kids Without Borders, pulled her support of Trump as well.

Ms Mulebutt, who claims to be Hispanic despite being the firstborn child of an Eskimo couple in Alaska, told Fox News that “As much as we like Donald because of his solid record on foreign policy issues, we can’t support a nominee that would prevent our filthy, plague-stricken, Ebola ridden children their God-given right to spread disease around the United States.”

Although one stands a better chance of being eaten alive by a shark than to be the victim of some maniacal illegal bent on evil, Trump’s wild statements seem to have hit a chord at least with the Neanderthal wing of the GOP. The Donald has garnered the support of many in the Tea Party despite the fact that most of them cannot spell his name correctly.

Trump is currently second in many polls trailing only the “smart” member of the Bush family.

When asked for comment, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager is reported to have said, “Our hope is that this will not hurt Trump’s chances of being in the Fox News debates, although they’ll no doubt be a scream with or without that idiot. We can’t wait.”