Dear ‘sane’ members of the republican party,… yes… both of you…

Pouring My Art Out


Hey, we feel your pain, believe me. We realize that your party has been hijacked by idiots, mouth breathers, mutant pig-boys, the mentally ill and the terminally-short-on-morals racist riffraff that started gravitating towards you when Sarah Palin made her entrance… and the Tea Party started acting like their party was your party.

I mean, it must have felt like waking up in a lifeboat full of zombie pirates.

And your ‘leadership’ sure hasn’t helped you much. They sold out to Trump not too long after calling him some pretty horrendous names… which were all true, by the way… because, hey, expediency and holding onto power ‘trumps’ actually caring about this country for people like them.

But now is the time to stand up and make a difference. You know, deep in your heart, despite all the years of FOX ‘news’ brainwashing, that Hillary isn’t going to ruin this country. And…

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