Trumpkins Furious Over Birther Reversal



DEER TICK, TENNESSEE – (CT&P) – “I don’t know who done forced him into saying that shit but somebody’s damn well gonna pay,” said Billy Bob McSneed during an interview with Jefferson Davis Jones, a reporter with Action 5 News out of Chattanooga.

McSneed is but one voice in a chorus of seething supporters furious over Trump’s reversal on the birther issue. He said in the interview that everyone he knows who supports the orange racist was outraged and they just didn’t believe Trump would say anything like that unless he was forced.

When asked what he and his buddies intended to do about the situation McSneed replied, “I ain’t sure yet. But tonight at the meeting I’m sure we’ll get our instructions.” McSneed was apparently referring to a mysterious weekly rally held in a remote wooded area near some abandoned strip mines outside Deer Tick.

Jones concluded the interview by asking McSneed if the shocking reversal would change his vote.

“Oh hell no,” he said, “If ole Trump ain’t elected we’re gonna raise unholy hell. The only way that bitch can win is if she cheats, and we ain’t gonna stand for that. They’ll be hell to pay I tell ya!”





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