Chinese Hackers Disappointed With Fed Workers’ Sex Lives


BEIJING – (CT&P) – Chinese government officials, speaking on condition of anonymity lest they be arrested and executed, told Xinhua, the People’s Republic official press agency, that so far the treasure trove of data gleaned in the recent hack of U.S. Office of Personnel Management has yielded little useful information.

The cyber breach, which affected the data of nearly 18 million former, current, and prospective government workers is apparently almost four times greater than what the government originally announced.

FBI Director James Comey gave the 18 million estimate in a closed-door briefing to Senators in recent weeks, using the OPM’s own internal data, according to U.S. officials briefed on the matter. Those affected could include people who applied for government jobs, but never actually ended up working for the government.


Ace Chinese hacker ‘Dragon Scrotum’ told the Chinese News Service that Americans were about the most sexually repressed people he had ever hacked. “It was so boring I had trouble staying awake,” he said.

Despite the huge numbers of individuals affected, Chinese generals have so far been really disappointed with the quality of the information obtained, calling it “boring” and “unfit for blackmail purposes.”

A Chinese hacker known as “Dragon Scrotum” told the Chinese News Service that his superiors were shocked by the lack of creativity and adventure shown in American worker’s choice of porn, among other things.

“Americans have many sexual hang-ups,” said Dragon Scrotum. “They talk a good game, but about the most exciting thing they do is switch positions every once in a while. There were some interesting websites involving barnyard animals, but as far as we could tell these guys just stare longingly at goats and sheep and stuff and never do anything about it.

“There were a few illicit office relationships that we stumbled across, but nothing as exciting as the ones involving Bill Clinton, and hell that’s old hat. About the best we could do was turn over some e-mail exchanges between mail carriers that said things like ‘I can’t wait to go postal on you after work today baby!’

“I’m told our leaders hope to use it to disrupt mail service in the D.C. area.”

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