Ann Coulter Vows To Feed At Least Twice In July


LOS ANGELES – (CT&P) – During an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher last night, conservative writer and ambulatory corpse Ann Coulter announced that on the advice of her physicians she would be consuming at least two meals during the month of July.

The announcement by Ms Coulter signals a radical departure from her normal diet, which consists of one feeding per month at most.

“My doctors told me that if I wanted to live and continue to spew the vile hatred that so many people on the right-wing have come to adore, I needed to up my calorie intake to at least that of a small child,” said Coulter.


Ms Coulter appeared on Maher’s show to promote her new book, Why I Hate Poor People, and to show off photos from her upcoming spread in Playboy.

Ms Coulter’s long-time team of physicians, doctors Faustus, Mengele and Kevorkian from the international organization Doctors Without Morals, recommended the change during her check-up in early June.

“Eating is problematic for Ms Coulter for a variety of reasons,” said Dr. Anton Phibes, spokesman for the group.

“Ms Coulter must first envelope and suffocate her prey before she regurgitates a corrosive compound on the victim. Then she has to wait for up to 24 hours before the tissue breaks down and softens up enough for her to swallow the unrecognizable mass of protein. It’s a long process and she would much rather be spending her time making vicious attacks on the children of immigrants or poor people who don’t have health insurance.

“In the past Ms Coulter has come dangerously close to turning into some kind of mummified pupae of hatred. However, she’s assured us that she will make the recommended changes to her diet so she can continue to be the inhuman monster that so many conservatives worship.

Ms Coulter also told Maher that she was advised by her physicians that she should try to get laid every once in while because they felt it might help her improve her attitude and reduce the level of toxic bile residing in her dark soul.


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