CBS To Premiere “The Briefcase Nuke” In Fall


NEW YORK – (CT&P) – CBS has announced that its newest reality show, The Briefcase Nuke, will air sometime this fall. The show will feature two desperate Muslim families facing prejudice and intolerance in a major American city.


Each Muslim family will be given a Soviet surplus briefcase nuke with an average yield of six to ten kilotons

In each episode, the families are each given a briefcase containing a Soviet army surplus RA-115 thermonuclear device with an approximate yield of 6-10 kilotons.

The families must decide whether to detonate the bomb themselves or forego Paradise and eternal glory in the Arab world by giving it to the other family so they can get all the credit.

Over the course of 72 hours, each family learns about the other and makes the decision, without knowing that the other family has been given a briefcase as well, with the same instructions.

Reception to The Briefcase Nuke has been largely negative because few Americans look forward to the prospect of being vaporized or undergoing a slow and horrible death after being exposed to ionizing radiation.


Photo 5 - Hiroshima atomic bomb domb

Updates with approximate body counts will be broadcast over the CBS Evening News for weeks after each detonation

Ken Tucker, Yahoo TV’s critic-at-large, described the series as “cynical, and repulsive” for “passing off its exploitation…as uplifting, inspirational TV.” Jason Miller of called it “the worst fucking reality show ever.”

Others have compared it to the failed Spanish television series The Inquisition, where two Spanish families raced to blame the other for perceived transgressions against the Roman Catholic Church. The show was canceled after two episodes and nine horrific deaths at the hands of church officials.

CBS executives have said that the show will air on Sunday nights in the time slot just after AMC’s The Walking Dead, with exclusive updates from devastated cities airing each night on the CBS Evening News.


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