Religion Of Peace Butchers Another Blogger

27 Feb 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bengal --- (150227) -- DHAKA, Feb. 27, 2015 (Xinhua) -- A man cleans up the blood at the site of a murder case at Dhaka University area in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Feb. 27, 2015. Unknown assailants Thursday night hacked a Bangladeshi blogger to death in the capital city of Dhaka. (Xinhua/Shariful Islam) --- Image by © Shariful Islam/Xinhua Press/Corbis


DHAKA, BANGLADESH – (CT&P) – Members of the Religion of Peace hacked another blogger to death in Bangladesh earlier today as part of a campaign designed to show the world that peace, love, and tolerance represent the very foundations of Islam.

Ananta Bijoy Das, a blogger who advocated secularism, was attacked by four machete-wielding assailants in the northeastern district of Sylhet on Tuesday morning, senior police official Mohammad Rahamatullah told Reuters.

Rahamatullah said that the assailants were screaming “God is a great dude who lusts after the blood of anyone who disagrees with our fucked-up philosophy,” and “Remember the 7th century! Let’s go back!” as they hacked Das into pieces small enough to be placed into a battery-powered blender that a fifth attacker was carrying in a knapsack.

Das was a 33-year-old banker and editor of science magazine “Jukti,” which means “logic,” and on the advisory board of “Mukto Mona” (Free Mind), a website propagating rationalism and opposing fundamentalism that was founded by U.S.-based blogger Avijit Roy.


Muslims are well-known for their tolerance of people who disagree with tenets of their fucked-up religion.

Das is the third blogger to be dismembered in the name of the beloved peace-loving pedophile Prophet Muhammad in broad daylight by followers of the all merciful one true sadistic and murderous god Allah.

Roy himself was hacked to death in February while returning home with his wife from a Dhaka book fair, and on March 30, Washiqur Rahman, another secular blogger who aired his outrage over Roy’s death on social media, was killed in similar fashion in the capital, Dhaka.

Roy’s widow, Rafida Bonya Ahmed, who was maimed in the attack and is in hiding in the United States, told Reuters Das’ case was similar to that of her husband.

“We told him so many times you need to be careful, because these dumbass sadistic religious fanatics are a dime a dozen in countries like Bangladesh, but he just thought that this was his passion, what he was supposed to do, and he had been doing it for a long time,” she said.

Ahmed said she would not be surprised if more bloggers were targeted. “Because the killers know they can get away with this, it will continue to happen,” she said. “This is serial killing by a bunch of religious zealot assholes that want to return to the good old days of the 7th century.”

According to monitoring service SITE Intelligence Group, Islamist militant group Ansar al-Islam Bangladesh said al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) had claimed responsibility for the attack.

In a statement released this afternoon, AQIS said that the attacks will continue until “everyone on earth accepts our version of Islam and we are allowed to burn all western books, treat women like dogs, murder any homosexuals we come across, and marry as many goats as we see fit. Only then will Allah’s love and blessings be bestowed on our planet and everyone will live in equal misery and ignorance.”

3 thoughts on “Religion Of Peace Butchers Another Blogger

  1. Do you really think this means Islam. Those mother-fuckers are just extremists. Those murders are son of bitch , actually no words in the dictionary can describe them, it will be an insult to the dictionary.

  2. I, as a Muslim, reject all these killings. This is not Islam and this has nothing to do with Islam. For all those who wants to know about Islam don’t try to get to know it from Muslims living now a days because they are Muslims without Islam. Read the Quran, and Sunnah of Muhammad PBUH. Or look at the west they apply Islam more than the Islamic countiries!

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