The Messiah Rises…Again!


THE CABIN ANTHRAX (CT&P) – Lionel Messi’s brilliant pass to Angel Di Maria in the 118th minute and Di Maria’s subsequent goal boosted Argentina past the neutral Swiss and on to the quarter finals in the World Cup.


The Messiah and his disciple the Archangel Di Maria celebrate victory over the forces of darkness.

Switzerland kept Our Savior down for a valiant 117 minutes, and Argentina’s offense appeared to be deceased. With two, three, even four defenders on him whenever he had the ball, the Messiah failed to link up with disciples, failed to take over the game as he had in the group stage, and failed to get his team on the scoreboard. Some of the disciples even expressed doubt as to whether victory over death could be achieved.

With the score still knotted at 0-0 and only two minutes of extra time left, penalty kicks seemed inevitable.

Then the Lamb of God roared back to life. The Swiss defender Stephan Lichtsteiner lost the ball near midfield, and Our Lord, for once, found himself with space to run at the defense. He drove forward past two players to the edge of the box, thus rolling back the stone of the Swiss defense.


The stone doorway placed in front of the Swiss goal was rolled away at the last possible moment.

The Redeemer then fed his chief disciple, the Archangel Di Maria, who was hovering six inches off the ground on the right side. Di Maria coolly slotted the ball home into the far corner with his left foot, giving Argentina the lead at the latest possible moment.

There was much rejoicing all over the world, particularly in Buenos Aires, the Vatican Basilica, and the Cabin Anthrax.

The victory puts Argentina into a quarter-final match at the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia on Saturday. The Good Shepherd will lead his flock of believers against Belgium in what promises to be an exciting and high scoring battle for souls of the undecided.

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