THE CABIN ANTHRAX (CT&P) -A double from Our Lord and Savior a day after his 27th birthday inspired Argentina to a 3-2 win over African champions Nigeria and assured them of finishing top of Group F at the World Cup finals.


The Messiah can be seen here horsing around with his ten disciples during warmups.

Only two minutes had gone when Argentina took the lead. Javier Mascherano’s clever pass found Di María, whose shot, hard and low towards the near post, was saved by Enyeama. But suddenly, in a fortunate flash, the ball was in the net. The ball came off the keeper’s hands, off the post, off the keeper’s head, off the post again, and out … to where Messi was racing forward to smash it back in again.

Nigeria quickly equalized, but the Prince of Pitch put Argentina up 2-1 with a “godlike” free kick into the upper right hand corner of the  goal while Nigerian goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama could only stare in amazement as he beheld the power of the Holy Spirit.
Nigeria’s Musa equalized once again later, but Argentina went up 3-2 on Rojo’s “thigh goal” and the chosen ones kept the lead for good.
Argentina will now face a tough Switzerland team in the round of 16. Coach Alejandro Sabella knows it will be an uphill battle for Argentina to make it all the way to the final, but he has great confidence in his saintly striker.
“Leo will have to put the team on his back and carry them to victory,” said Sabella, “but he already carries the burden of all of mankind’s sins on his shoulders every day, so I don’t think a few more World Cup matches will make much difference.”

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