Phoning 911 Can Be A Pretty Useless Gesture Around Here…

003 (2)
“East Polk Fire Rescue this is Jed…”

“Ma’am, I can’t understand ya if ya keep on screamin’ so loud…”

“What was that about a chain saw?”

“Well just where are you ma’am?”

“Possum Holler? Yes ma’am we can come get ya.”

“Yes ma’am, we’ll be thar in about 45 minutes.”

“Ma’am, we don’t like cussin’ on the emergency line.”

“Well, I got to find the extra set of keys to the truck ’cause Joe Bob took the regular set with him huntin’ yesterday.”

“Tell you what, if you got any ‘shine around take you a big swaller or two and put you a tourniquet on it and we’ll be thar just as fast as we can, ya hear?”

“Yes, ma’am, we’ll be thar directly.”

“Yes ma’am, thank you for calling East Polk Fire Rescue, and if you can spare five minutes please be sure to complete the brief survey after I hang up. We shore would appreciate it.”

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