Aeronautic Shocker! Drones To Be Used To Do Something Constructive!


NAIROBI (CT&P) – In a remarkable turn of events, drones are apparently going  be used to do something other than recruit new terrorists, spot illegal growers of the “Evil Weed,” and incinerate Yemeni wedding parties.

Kenyan government officials have announced that drones will be deployed in all 52 of its national parks in an attempt to monitor and stop poachers from murdering innocent elephants and rhinos.

The announcement came after a pilot drone project was concluded in which poaching was reduced by 96% in an unnamed protected wildlife area.

Paul Udoto, spokesman for the Kenya Wildlife Service, said: “Use of drones has shown that we can prevent poaching and arrest many poachers in their tracks. The pilot project has been a success and we are working with many partners including the Kenya police, the National Intelligence Service, and a lot of international partners such as Interpol, and the Ugandan and Tanzanian governments.”

Kenya has lost more than 435 elephants and around 400 rhinos to poachers since 2012, driven by demand for illegal wildlife products by bat shit crazy people in Asia and elsewhere. Poachers have killed 18 rhinos and 51 elephants in 2014 so far.

This is one instance where we at the Times think that no one in their right mind would object to using fully armed drones instead of the surveillance models the Kenyan government is set to employ. Blowing a few poachers to “Kingdom Come” would no doubt go a long way in curbing the urge to go out and make few bucks by using a chain saw to remove a rhino horn and leaving the corpse to be eaten by hyenas. Hellfire missiles can be a great deterrent if the object of the deterrence does not have a mind consumed by religious hatred.

At least the Kenyans have come up with a righteous use of those horrible inventions. Thank God someone on this miserable planet has got the good sense to use technology in a productive way. Maybe the U.S. government should hire some Kenyan bureaucrats to replace those currently on the payroll. Maybe the new employees could use surveillance drones to prevent sheriff’s deputies from murdering family pets. That would be a good start.



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