Jesus And Satan Distance Themselves From Pat Robertson And Christian Right


GENEVA-At a press conference held this morning in neutral Switzerland, the Prince of Darkness and the Prince of Peace hastened to distance themselves from televangelist and right-wing kook Pat Robertson. Robertson’s unhinged tirade on his “700 Club” broadcast last week seems to have triggered the unprecedented joint press conference.

“We’re used to Pat foaming at the mouth and blaming every conceivable tragedy on us,” said Satanic Press Secretary Lord Balthazar. “What made this time different was that Robertson managed to insult the leaders of both major religions as well as every sentient being in this galaxy with an IQ over 50.”


Archangel Gabriel, one of Christ’s political advisors, suggested that Robertson may have suffered a stroke during the broadcast which could account for his irrational outburst

Robertson, winner of the coveted “Bigot of the Year Award” for 2013, went berserk on his show last Wednesday, ranting about Jesus having a part-time job in a bakery and recalling the “good old days” when gay people were stoned to death in the town square. Robertson informed his mainly elderly and infirm viewers that back in the “Golden Age” if “two men decided they wanted to cohabit together they would have been stoned to death.”

Robertson went on to rave, “So Jesus would not have baked them a wedding cake or nor would he have made them a bed to sleep in because they wouldn’t have been there.” Robertson went on to lament the current state of affairs in the United States where stoning is unfortunately against the law. “We don’t have that in this country so that’s the way it is.” Robertson wiped a tear from his eye before continuing; “homosexuality is a meaningless exercise because it doesn’t go anywhere.” At this point Phil Robertson (no biologic relation but a brother in hatred) of Duck Dynasty fame and a guest on the show, interjected: “Yeah Pat, that’s right! Besides, women have so much more to offer ‘down there.'”

Robertson was not finished, however. He went on to insult Lucifer, Lord of the Underworld, by stating “The Devil is trying to say, ‘I’m going to destroy your progeny any way I can. If you kill your babies, that’s fine. If you deny the chance of having babies (by being homosexual) then that’s fine too.'”


Lucifer appeared in one of his less threatening guises in order to stress his cooperative nature

The leaders of the two major religious organizations in the known universe found Robertson’s tirade a little over the top and decided to hold the presser in order to make their positions clear.

A coin was flipped and Jesus won, so he went first.

“I just wanted to make it clear that all humans are equal in my eyes. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, creed, color, or sexual preference, and I’m really am tired of having to take so many antacids to fight off the nausea caused by ignorant and hateful statements made in my name. And another thing: I am a carpenter, not a freaking baker. I’d be lost in a bakery. I have absolutely no clue how to bake a wedding cake, for Heaven’s sake.”

Mephistopheles then approached the lectern to enthusiastic applause from the representatives of the press. He began: “Thanks guys! I just want to say that all this whining about not wanting folks to reproduce is a bunch of horse shit. I love kids and I really love the process that spawns them. Have you guys seen my new monument in  Oklahoma City? It’s one of the few child-friendly monuments in the United States. In fact, that “suffer the little children” line in the New Testament was originally mine. Matthew was always screwing up his quotes and attributions. The guy was a tax-collector for God’s sake, not a Jewish version of Homer.”


The two charismatic leaders seemed happy to see each other in person and made time for a little male bonding

At this point Jesus interrupted and said, “OK, let’s stay on track here Lou. What both of us would like to make clear is that there is no room for intolerance in either the Divine or Satanic Parties. We don’t countenance bigotry or hatred in any of its myriad forms. Neither one of us could really give a damn what goes on in anyone’s bedroom. Marry who you want to. Just treat your partner with respect, that’s all we’re saying.”

“That’s right,” said the Devil. Prejudice and tribalism are downright counterproductive. We all have to live in this neck of the firmament, so why can’t we all just get along?”

The press conference ended with the two leaders shaking hands and promising a new era of bipartisanship between the parties.

Alabama Congressional Candidate Will Brooke Guns Down Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius


MONTGOMERY-Desperate to prop up a sagging campaign, Alabama congressional candidate Will Brooke pumped U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius full of lead late yesterday afternoon. Sabelius miraculously survived the attack and was airlifted to U.A.B. Medical Center in nearby Birmingham. Sabelius had been visiting the campus of Auburn University as part of a tour of southern college campuses in an attempt to get young people to sign up for Obamacare.

Mr. Brooke ambushed Secretary Sabelius as she strolled across a field at the Auburn School of Veterinary Medicine. Sources say


Brooke emptied an entire clip from his AR-15 into Secretary Sabelius’ resilient hide

that Brooke had laid in wait for Sabelius for three days without food or water. He was camouflaged in a custom-made Ghillie suit which resembled an enormous pile of cow manure. Mr. Brooke used a .270 Cooper rifle to knock down Sebelius at a range of over 100 yards. He then raised himself into a kneeling position and fired a rocket-propelled grenade at Sabelius and her staff.

An eyewitness to the event, a Mr. Gus Malzahn, said that after firing the RPG,  Brooke jumped up and began screaming “ROLL TIDE ROLL, YOU BITCH! ” Then Mr. Brooke charged Sabelius and her advisors while spraying lead with a converted AR-15. Brooke managed to pin Sabelius against an a farm tractor and emptied an entire clip into her a la “Sonny” in The Godfather. Not satisfied, Brooke whipped out a .40 Glock and administered what he thought was the coup de grace.

Mr. Brooke then immediately ran to a nearby television van and held an impromptu press conference. “I would just like to tell the voters of Alabama that I have taken this action in order to prove my dedication to repealing the scourge of Obamacare. The dream of denying healthcare to the poor must never die!”

Meanwhile, a life flight helicopter arrived on the scene to transport the apparently immortal Sabelius to a nearby hospital. Paramedics credited Sabelius’ survival to her almost impervious epidermis. One medic remarked, “That woman has a hide on her like a rhinoceros. I guess it’s from being exposed to all those vapid and inane questions from Republicans on the Health and Human Services Committee.”

Incredulous and frustrated at Sabelius’ apparent survival, Brooke ran to his nearby pickup truck and retrieved a shoulder fired


Brooke used a shoulder-fired Stinger to try to bring down a life-flight chopper, but it veered off course and exploded harmlessly over a nearby greyhound track

Stinger ground-to-air missile. He then launched the missile at the chopper while yelling, “Die, health care whore!” Fortunately the projectile went awry and missed the helicopter. It was only learned later than the missile detonated in the middle of Victoryland Greyhound Park where it caused no injuries.

 The entire sordid affair was televised by the local Fox affiliate in nearby Montgomery. Anchors expressed surprise and disappointment that Secretary Sabelius survived the assault but felt that the failure would probably not hurt Mr. Brooke’s chances in the upcoming Republican primary.

Florida Joins Iran and North Korea In International Bloodletting Contest


Governor Rick Scott is pushing a bill through the Florida legislature that would bring back the guillotine

TALLAHASSEE-Governor Rick Scott and other right-wing politicians in Florida were said to be “beside themselves” with excitement after Amnesty International’s release of its annual report on execution rates around the globe. Governor Skeletor appeared at a press conference early this morning in Tallahassee to trumpet the success of the state’s “Timely Justice Act” which was passed and signed into law last year.

“We have busted our collective butt to streamline the process of state-sponsored killing in Cretonia,” said Governor Scott. “The


Governor Scott’s origins are shrouded in mystery, but he is thought to be the reincarnation of the Aztec snake god Crotalus

figures just released by Amnesty prove that the new law is putting us right up there with some of the most respected champions of legalized murder. We even edged out Texas for third place! All our efforts have not been in vain and I couldn’t be more proud.”

According to the statistics, Florida moved in front of Texas in 2013 in the total number of death sentences handed down by highly educated and compassionate Florida juries. Not surprisingly, Florida also holds the all time record of convicted death-row prisoners that turned out to be completely innocent.

“I think we can all live with a few mistakes, unless of course you happen to be poor or black,” Scott chuckled.

The mistake rate more than likely stems from the fact that Florida only requires a 7-5 vote of jurors to hand down a death sentence. “We are trying to change that for the better,” said Scott. “I have sponsored a new bill that will allow us to bypass the lengthy and expensive trial process altogether and move to a system of immediate execution of suspects if three out of four investigating officers think that the “perp” is guilty. “We need to take the responsibility out of the hands of these uneducated hicks that make up our population,” said Scott. “I think everyone would agree that experienced cops would make better decisions.”

“Florida is proud to take the lead in speedy and efficient termination of human life, except of course when it involves giving women


George Zimmerman is a finalist for one of Florida’s coveted new “celebrity executioner” positions

control of their own bodies,” crowed Governor Snakehead. “We in Florida believe a woman’s place is in the home and a negro’s place is on the scaffold.”

Other states are scrambling to keep up with Florida’s torrid pace. Texas Governor Rick Perry told reporters that “Those upstarts over there in the Gunshine State may think they can win this contest but they ain’t seen nothing yet! We intend on conducting a state-wide human barbecue the likes of which the world has never seen.”

Although the total number of executions in the United States fell last year, along with student’s test scores, America managed to proudly stay within the top five countries who execute prisoners. America is still a contender for the abomination award alongside Iraq, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.


Tips For Bad Living From OCD Magazine (Part Eight)

If you are a young dude in training to become a wildlife officer or “Grouper Trooper” in the state of Florida, try not to sleep through “Giant Reptile Apprehension” class. In general it is best to approach dangerous alligators from the ass-end thus avoiding jaws equipped with razor-sharp teeth and with the crushing power of an automobile compactor. It might also be advisable to avoid obstacles such as curbs over which you could trip and thus come face to face with your reptilian adversary.


Always strive to keep your home as clean as a microchip manufacturing facility. Keep your floors clean by purchasing at least six overpriced and inefficient robotic sweepers. That way a team of two sweepers can be on duty around the clock bumping into things and terrorizing your pets. Attaching high-powered rescue strobe beacons to the robotic devices will help guests avoid tripping over them when they get up to urinate in the middle of the night. So what if your neighbors think they are living next to an indoor airport? Cleanliness should be your first consideration. You never know when a physician may want to conduct a kidney transplant on your kitchen floor.


If you have reached the point in life where you are rationally weighing the all-important decision as to your lifetime sexual preference, take your time and make a wise choice. Even thinking about having sex with another of your own gender could land you in the “Lake of Fire” for the rest of eternity. All this talk of brain chemistry, biology, and genetics is just a bunch of crap liberals have cooked up to force the gay agenda down our throats. Remember, it’s your choice!


If a friend or relative is staying in your home and he is scurrying around attempting to make a deadline or get ready for an appointment, pepper him with questions like “Do you know what time it is? What time is your appointment? How long does it take to get there?” Then, make a statement like “You should have started getting ready much earlier.” This will serve the dual purpose of accelerating his slide into insanity while encouraging the procrastinating bastard to plan better next time.


When hiring a chauffeur it is always best to pick someone who has a solid work record and a stable home life. Remember, your life will be in his hands.


If you move to a new city, one of the most important decisions you will make will be the choice of a family physician. Choose one who can relate to your mental state and all of your fucked-up obsessions and syndromes. Make sure that the dude will readily prescribe the narcotics you so desperately need in order to function in society.


When choosing a place to worship in your new town, be sure to visit several compounds before making a final decision. Don’t be too particular about belief systems; just make sure the pastor is charismatic and fun to be around. You don’t want to get bored.


If you are a young person and have yet to decide on your drug of choice, don’t waste time with gateway drugs. You are only given a brief time on this planet so get with the program! Pot and alcohol are for chicken-shit pansies. Opt instead for something that will really kick your ass and is easy to obtain or manufacture at home. For God’s sake enjoy yourself before you get old and decrepit.


If you have the attention span of a squirrel on amphetamines and tend to get on some people’s nerves, then for Christ’s sake see a physician and get a script for Valium or Xanax so that those of us who love you won’t some day be charged with manslaughter.


If you are a dog catcher for a canine concentration camp that murders innocents, just what in the fuck is wrong with you anyway? I can personally think of thousands of people who should be scooped up and taken away before the first dog should be harmed. Do us all a favor and drive your truck into a swamp. By the way, you are even less popular than President Obama or the U.S. Congress. Your best bet is to gas yourself as soon as you can find the time.


Instead of hiring overpriced lazy ass repairmen to work in your home, get a couple of books on-line and do all of your own home repairs, especially easy to fix items such as electrical wiring. Remember, every penny you save can be used to pay for emergency room visits.

Management tip of the week: If you thrive on pettiness and the enforcement of absolutely senseless rules, choose a career as a corrections officer. It is a thankless job with low pay and high risk, but the benefits are alright, there will be opportunities for graft,  and it will make you feel good to know that you around people who are even more miserable than yourself.

Tips for Bad Living is reprinted with permission from OCD Magazine, another quality publication from Anal Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Control Freak Ltd., London.

Flight 370 Shocker! Malaysian Airliner Now Believed To Have Crashed Into The Fucking Ocean!

Southern Ocean

KUALA LUMPUR-Malaysian government officials have announced that the most unlikely and shocking scenario regarding the fate of Flight 370 has now become a reality. The location of the missing aircraft has now been narrowed down to somewhere within the vast ocean depths of the southern hemisphere. This pinpoint analysis has been made possible by a re-examination of satellite and radar data by people who actually know what the fuck they are doing. The data indicates that the flight ended with the aircraft plunging into the sea somewhere in the remote regions of the Indian Ocean. This wild and crazy conclusion has been backed up by

Sean Hannity stubbornly insists the plane is in a secret “Batcave” in Pakistan or Iran

multiple sightings of debris floating on the surface. Objects have been sighted by crews of both Chinese Iluyshin IL-76 and Royal Australian P3 Orion (built by Lockheed, not Boeing) search aircraft flying over the remote area.

Confused and incredulous anchors on cable outlets all over the world became even more incoherent than usual as they breathlessly reported the new information. However, instead of moving on to other minor stories, such as the imminent threat of a third world war being fought over control of Ukraine, Modavia, or the Baltic countries, news anchors and pundits began the next round of seemingly endless speculations. Indeed, some anchors flatly refused to believe that their vacuous pet theories could be wrong.

Syndicated talk show host, Fox News anchor, and revered intellectual Sean Hannity declared, “I don’t give a damn what the Malaysians say, they’re a bunch of socialists. My sources tell me that the aircraft is in an underground hangar somewhere in Pakistan or Iran.” Hannity went on to rave, “This has all the hallmarks of another Obama conspiracy and cover-up, and I’m convinced that Hillary is the mastermind behind it. I think that some of the president’s Muslim buddies hijacked the plane and are going to use it as a weapon against us sometime in the near future. Maybe during the midterms. It’ll make Benghazi look like child’s play!”

Meanwhile, Great van Sustern chose to emphasize the link between the plane’s disappearance and Obamacare. “The people on that


Greta emphasized that the loss of the plane and every other unfortunate incident on earth inevitably leads back to Obamacare

plane would have been much better off with private health care rather than the state health care system in China, which is identical to Obamacare. The Affordable Health Care Act is, as we all know, is the very embodiment of evil. The ill-advised attempt to something as vile and heinous as providing health care for the poor is going to lead inevitably lead to the collapse of modern civilization. Insects will once again rule the planet.”

In Beijing reaction to the new revelations was equally unhinged. Irrational and perturbed relatives of the deceased passengers marched to the Malaysian Embassy where they hurled plastic water bottles, tried to rush the gates, and chanted “Liars!” The relatives were wearing t-shirts which said, “Let’s Pray for Flight 370,” (as if that could do any good at this point) and demanding that the Malaysian authorities “tell the truth” and return their relatives unharmed.

That last demand is going to be just a little difficult to fulfill. Apparently the angry relatives have been watching too much Fox News and think there is some sort of hideously complex conspiracy afoot. It’s a damn good thing China is not ruled by Vladimir Putin or armored columns would even now be approaching the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

Although the recent revelations by authorities regarding further analysis of the data and the sighting of debris have given us a good


Megyn Kelly was too busy groveling in front of Bill O’Reilly to offer her thoughts on the new announcements

idea of Flight 370′s terminus, we can look forward with great glee to weeks worth of speculation of just what caused the unfortunate incident. One of the fabulous things about modern technology in the form of cable news, the internet, and social media is that one can get a real education on just how irrational and ignorant many members of our species really are. If nothing else it makes for excellent entertainment.

German Customs Officials Seize Shipment Of Papal Blow


Pope Francis beseeches the laity to pitch in and help the Holy See through this “rough spot” by dropping off what they can with their local parish priest

VATICAN CITY-The German weekly newspaper Gild am Sonntag reported yesterday that 340 grams of cocaine bound for the Vatican was seized by German customs officials in Leipzig. The officers found the high-quality Peruvian marching powder packed into 14 condoms hidden inside a shipment of comfortable and stylish seat cushions. The shipment of “soft cushions” was addressed only to the Vatican post office, meaning any one of the 800 permanent residents of Vatican City could have picked it up.


Cardinal Fang led a team of “crack” Swiss Guards on a failed sting operation outside the Vatican post office

After German authorities contacted Vatican police and told them of the discovery, a sting operation was set up under very tight security. The 99% pure yayo was removed from the cushions and placed under guard in Leipzig. Meanwhile, an experienced team of Swiss Guards under the command of Cardinal Fang was assigned to observe the post office and capture the recipient of the shipment when he attempted to pick it up. “We are not that concerned with the nose candy, but the use of condoms is strictly forbidden and could lead to torture and excommunication,” said Cardinal Fang. “We may have to resort to using the ‘comfy chair.'”

However, the operation was called off three weeks later since no one ever appeared to collect the cushions. German officials believe that someone inside the Vatican tipped off the would-be snorter. Cardinal Fang reacted with righteous indignation to the suggestion that information had leaked from the nostrils of his task force. He vehemently insisted that “Nooooooobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”


Archbishop of Miami Tony Montana donated 250 grams of pure California cornflakes to the cause and pledged to throw the German custom officials out of a helicopter

A source from within the close-knit College of Cardinals, speaking on condition of anonymity, expressed regret that the shipment was seized in the first place. “We are really gonna miss that shipment. A whole week’s worth of dope flushed down the drain. You know it’s damn hard work saving souls and feeding the less fortunate. How in the hell do think His Holiness is able to spend his nights working in soup kitchens after all day at the office? The man is 77 years old, after all. Furthermore, I don’t know what idiot decided to route that stuff through Leipzig anyway. Everybody knows how anal German customs officials are.”

Appeals have been made to the pious to help the Vatican get over the shortfall in supply. Donations are pouring in from all over Sicily and as far away as Amsterdam and even Bogata. Archbishop Tony Montana of Miami, for instance, pledged 250 grams of pure powder from a stash he has hidden “close by.”

It seems that the faithful have taken the Pope’s pleas for a more humane and giving form of capitalism quite seriously.

Bay County Sheriff’s Department Holds Fundraiser For Officers Injured In The Line Of Duty While Using “Advanced Interrogation Techniques”


Sheriff’s deputies competed in a variety of fun events such as the 100 meter freestyle


Bay County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Captain Arnold Porker

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL-The annual fundraiser for Bay County deputies injured while beating or water-boarding teenage suspects was held yesterday at the new Panama City Beach Bovine and Even-Toed Ungulate Water Park. The new park is located on the beach just adjacent to the locally famous Fran’s Pig-N-Whistle barbecue restaurant. The event is held during spring break each year so that residents from other states can attend and be made aware of the problems that occur when teenagers fight back while being abused.

The event was sponsored this year by the Florida Chapter of the Patrolman’s Malevolent Association, the National Union of Bad Lieutenants, and the Dirty and Corrupt Politician’s League. Festivities began at 10 A.M. and lasted until well after dusk. “Run Through A Horse” brand draft beer was available as well as a variety soft drinks for the kids. Free snacks were provided by Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme.


Deputy Cob R. Roller won the 200 meter ungulate butterfly stroke competition

Healthy deputies from Bay and surrounding counties participated in a variety of sports competitions to the absolute delight of the civilian crowd. Both water and land competitions were held over an eight-hour shift. Over $5000 was raised to help injured officers pay expensive hospital bills. The event is a godsend for officer’s families because injuries sustained in course of corrupt and illegal acts are not covered by the county or even by Obamacare.

Master of ceremonies for the event this year was none other than George Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman, out on bond from the latest string of petty crimes he committed last month, did an admirable job commentating on the various athletic competitions. Some said he did an even better job than Bob Costas at the Olympics.

A pig dives into water in Ningxiang county

Deputy Billy Joe Stinker dominated the diving competition

“We really hit a home run this year,” said Captain Arnold Porker, spokesman for the department. “Most folks just don’t realize how dangerous it is to torture suspects, especially teenage males. One of our officers had his ear bitten off by an unruly spring breaker while he was holding him suspended off the eighth floor balcony of the Holiday Inn. Another almost drowned when he was water-boarding this cheerleader from Tennessee and her football player boyfriends came to her rescue. It’s a real jungle out there.”

Bay County Sheriff Buford T. Fatback presided over the event and pronounced it a great success. “I just want the public to know how much we appreciate you all chipping in to help our wounded swine. Without your help police brutality would be set back years, if not decades.”


Members of the general public were thrilled to be allowed to jump in the Gulf of Mexico with some of the law enforcement officers. “I never knew cops could swim!” said Jenny Owens of Nashville.

Captain Porker told assembled reporters that the event will be even larger next year. “We intend to invite some of our unscrupulous and dishonorable colleagues from other states and from federal agencies such as the DEA, the ATF, and the CIA. We have already lined up some wealthy new sponsors such as the Bribable Judges Coalition and the Venal Prosecutor’s Guild. One day we hope to make this a national event and even have our own web page!”

Rose pigs.

Romance was in the air as the sun set on yet another successful fundraiser for our hard-working Bay County cops

Bay County politicians are already in the process of using eminent domain laws, blackmail, and intimidation to seize properties adjacent to the park so that it can be expanded to accommodate the expected larger crowds in coming years.