Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Defends Patriarch: ‘Ignorance is not a choice-he was born that way’


At an emotional press conference early Saturday morning, Willie Robertson of the hit show ‘Duck Dynasty’, defended Phil Robertson, patriarch of the weird and dysfunctional family made famous on A&E. The elder Robertson and A&E have come under attack for comments he made in an interview with GQ.

In an apparent attempt to gain the coveted position of ‘most bigoted and ignorant’ television superstar, the elder Robertson compared homosexuality to bestiality and said that black folks were happier before the civil rights movement. But those comments are the tip of the iceberg. His interview with GQ has to be read to be believed. You’ll think you’ve suddenly been transported back in time to 14th century Europe.

For his part, Willie Robertson tried to play down the comments. “Look, Phil was just stating his opinion and sometimes he gets a little out of hand,” said Robertson. “Please don’t judge him too harshly and keep in mind he was born that way. He didn’t choose this lifestyle. I mean, who would actually choose to be an ignorant, bigoted, bible-thumping, homophobic redneck obsessed with murdering innocent water fowl?”

Robertson refused to take questions from reporters and ended the press conference abruptly by saying “It’s been real guys but today is Saturday and I have a very strong urge to dress up like a soldier and go out and kill some animal.”

The future of the hit television show is uncertain. Phil Robertson is suspended and other cast members are threatening not to go on without him. A&E does not seem too worried about it. In a statement late Friday a spokesperson said, “If we lose the program we lose it. That  show’s particular demographic is so ignorant and gullible that I’m sure we can come up with something else for them to watch that is equally abhorrent.”

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